Saturday, January 26, 2019

~ Simple Thread Catcher ~

Recently I've had a real bad case of .....SQUIRREL!   And then I'll start working on something else and ......SQUIRREL!  By mid afternoon the studio is a mess and I....SQUIRREL! ...I gotta clean up this mess and focus on one project.  So that's what I was doing when it occurred to me(squirrel!) I need a thread catcher.  The new studio layout doesn't allow for a trash can beside the sewing table.  Laying the little snips of thread on the corner of the sewing table isn't working.  They eventually ended up on the elbow of my shirt.  So I grabbed a little piece of white flannel and stuck it under the pin cushion.  While it's functional, it's not cute.

 I made this one years ago and really didn't like how the thread was hard to get out of the basket.  So I trashed it after a while.

After a little brainstorming it became clear to me, I like the flannel idea.  It just needs a little something to spruce her up a bit.  I could add batting and backing, kinda make a little quilt.  EH...that's to much effort.  I could just add binding to the flannel but I think the binding would be too heavy for the flannel.  Then I remembered the self binding receiving blankets.  That could work.  It would be smaller but doable!  A quick little Google search to refresh my memory of the tutorial and I was ready to make my mini receiving blanket thread catcher.  Here's the tutorial I used for reference.

Pinning the little squares was quite the trick.  The red fabric had been starched quite heavily in a previous project

For some reason this gave me a chuckle.  

Slow and steady on the itty bitty corners.

Well it's not as cute as I had hoped but it does look better than a plain ole piece of flannel.  Maybe I should have made the red fabric a couple inches larger.  For now it works until something else......SQUIRREL!......

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  1. I have one of those pincushion/thread catchers - I tucked an old butter tub into the basket to make it easier to empty. When I go to classes, I take a scrap bit of batting to use as my catcher - then just get tossed.

  2. I have a plastic liner in my little thread catcher basket making it so easy to empty out.

  3. Love this idea...I also gave up those scrap catchers as I always found that they got in my way when I was sewing. Going to make a couple as I see using these more often...thanks...

  4. Good idea! I use an empty cube tissue box (luckily I have room on the table next to my sewing machine) and put in tiny scraps and threads. I toss it out when full.

  5. I have a tiny trash can by and normally miss it because I don't like to keep it close IN CASE something of IMPORTANCE- thread, pins, scissors- FALLS IN grrrr I like yours and can attach to the side. WIll give it a try. thx.


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