Sunday, January 6, 2019

~ Take a Closer Look ~

Things have been moving along rather quickly in the studio.  At one point I'm pretty sure I saw smoke coming out of the back of the sewing machine.  But then again it could be the smudges on my glasses.  How does this happen?  I don't remember touching the lenses when I took them off.   

Maybe the dirty eyeglasses is what caused this big piecing blunder.  Not just one but 4 units just like the one circled below.  Geesh....I blame the glasses.  But how do they keep getting so dirty?  I took them off, laid them on the table, left the sewing room, came back 10 minutes later and they were filthy.  And that's when I found the piecing error....very suspicious!  It's a sewing gremlin!  Sneaking into my studio and playing little mischievous tricks.  Because you know...... I could never make 4 mistakes in one day.   HAHA!

The Good Fortune quilt is coming along and should be on the frame by this evening.  This is a picture taken yesterday evening before I started adding borders.  Looking at a picture of a quilt will sometimes make any piecing errors more visible.  My eyes say all is well.  Do you see any errors?  The chances of me fixing them at this point aren't good.  But it's always nice to know.  

Mr. Podunk and I decided yesterday evening this quilt is very busy and needs something to slow it down. The plan is to try to get the yellow to fade away a little.  Even Bonnie's quilt is a little LOUD.  Can you believe I'm having a problem with a bright color?  Mark that one on the calendar!  With the help of EQ I came up with some alternative borders.  I left Bonnie's borders because they have already been made.  Finding another project to use them in is just not an option.

I'm leaning towards this one.  But it would require more piecing of strings thus taking longer to complete.  BOOOOO!

This is my second choice.  I'm not sure either one of these slow down the middle much.  I tried several options for the border in all colors.  This is just a busy quilt no matter what.  Maybe I should just leave it as written in the pattern and call it done.  

The Facebook group for Bonnie Stalkers has loads of color inspiration.  If you would like to see what others are doing with this quilt you can find the group by clicking here.  I'm always amazed at the colors other people combine.  Such a talented group of quilters!

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  2. I like the 1st border option, it makes it complete. I love your color combo, was not impressed with the reveal in her colors, but yours I like.

  3. I like the first option too. (I always enjoy your humor!! As I always wonder how my glasses get smudged too....)

  4. First option is my pick as well.

  5. I know this is against the grain of your other comments, but I like the dark border. I think it grounds the quilt by emphasizing the centers of the yellow blocks. My best advice, however, is to do what you think looks best and what is most congruent with you as a quilter.
    The quilt is beautiful no matter what else you do or don't do to it!

  6. I like the darker solid border best too but it's your quilt, you do what you like best. I also liked the yellow/gold fabrics you used better than orange. Happy stitching!

  7. Your quilt is beautiful and it's impressive that you've almost finished it already!!
    I like the first border--I know it will take longer, but I think it ties in with the neutrals in the quilt.
    Aren't all of Bonnie's quilts busy!??
    I was thinking of not making it scrappy--haven't started yet, which is why I'm so impressed that you're almost finished!

  8. I definitely like the second border. Tones it down yet makes it stand out (hmm ... doesn't make sense but that is what I see.) It's hard to believe you are just about finished!! I do like your color choices. Main thing? After all that work, do what makes you smile. Congratulations on the finish!!


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