Wednesday, January 2, 2019

~ Planning for the New Year ~

We did!  We made it through the holiday season...sigh...doesn't it feel good to be at the beginning of a new calendar?  A clean slate to fill with whatever our little ole hearts desires!  So what's on the calendar for this year?

First thing to do is finish up last year...Ha!  I can't tell you how much I want to finish up the Good Fortune Mystery quilt.  Yes I'm getting tired of waiting for clues, tired of not knowing what I'm making.  JUST SHOW ME THE QUILT!  Mystery quilts are not my thing.  It requires a bit of patience that I just do not have.  Throwing it in a box and starting something new sounds really good right now.  It's getting to the point where I will find anything to do besides work on this quilt.  Laundry, dusting, and washing the dishes all sound better than sewing.  What I really want to do is make my own quilts.   I've designed some really cute quilts for this year and I'm eager to get things in motion.   Sigh....just a few more days....a couple more weeks and I'm free to do as I please.  I can do this!  I think I can, I think I can, I think I'll go do something else.

So..... even though the new office isn't complete I decided to move in anyway.  It's usable but not pretty.  We still need to put the finishing touches on the trim, add some decor, a new chair.  All in due time.  We're over budget on the remodel, we are now doing what with can when we get the extra money.  We don't want to add anymore to the debt since we plan to retire someday.

Today's avoiding the mystery quilt project will be adding more patterns to the quick grab pattern boxes.  This is where I store patterns for shipping, so I can quickly grab the right pattern for orders from my Etsy Store.  

After refilling the patterns and shipping orders, I'm going to paint this ugly old stand for my printer.  It's not pretty but it's functional for now.

One my recent splurges was this cute rug.   A great little buy from the Christmas Tree Store thanks to dad and his cash Christmas gift.  With the remaining money I hope to find a good older chair that I can refinish.  Like I need another project!  Maybe Mr. Podunk can be coerced into a new refinishing project?

And then there's this mess of wires. The wires are the satellite internet and WIFI. This room was Mr. Podunk's den.  It worked when it was his room, the desk hid the wires.   Now all I can do is wait for the new fiber optic internet through our electric company.  They strung up the wires on the poles out by the road last month and promised we would able to connect to it sometime this month.  As soon as it's available we are switching our internet provider and ripping out the mess of wires.  Once again I sigh, there's just so much to do.  Well all I can do is tackle it one little project at a time.  Someday we'll look back and laugh about all the remodeling hiccups.  No matter how well you plan there's always hiccups.  And you know it's a blessing to have little projects to sidetrack me from that crazy mystery quilt!

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  1. Your mystery quilt units look great and I LOVE that rug! We are in the process of moving into our first house so I empathize with lots to do and being over budget!

  2. The great thing about a slow process is that you get plenty of time to plan and rearrange so it will be just the way you want it when it's finished. Love the rug!

  3. If I really had a sewing studio I would want internet so I could watch things while I sew. Or have computer to look up info. at my finger tips. Love the pale blue of the inside of your closet.


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