Tuesday, January 22, 2019

~ Vintage Sewing Machine Shopping ~

I was recently contacted by Claranna the owner of a local quilt shop called Coffee Cup Quilting.  She had seen my recent post about my vintage sewing machines and thought I might be interested in her collection of sewing machines.  Sadly this little shop will be closing sometime this year due to her hubby's job opportunity in another state.  As we all know moving can be quite the chore.  We don't realize how much we have until we have to pack it all up and move it across the county or in her case across the country.  So she has decided to let somethings go.  First on the list was her collection of old machines.  She thought I might want them or know someone who would be interested in old machines.  I don't want or need anymore machines but I have to at least look at them, right?   So I called up my quilting friend Judy that absolutely loves old machines and we made a date to go check out Claranna's collection.  

Our first stop was in the quilt shop to look at the machines used in displays.  This old Westinghouse caught my eye immediately because of the color.   It comes complete with the suitcase in the background.  Judy fell in love with it also.

Next was this newer Singer.  This one is free to a good home.  If you love her you can have her, Clarana said she had never plugged it up to see if it works.  I love her just because she's a Singer.  The mauve accent color made her almost irresistible.  If I plug it in and works I know I'll bring her home.  So I decided to leave her for someone that might actually use her.

This brand was new to me.  It's a Franklin.  And quite the beauty.  The decals on this one are amazing.  The nickel coating is in really good shape and the hint of pink in the case made her hard to resist, but I did!  I had to keep my emotions under control or I'll take them all home.

The little Windsor B has a few scratches but with a little love this could be a nice little show piece.  It too has some beautiful decals.

The case for it has a little wear and tear but still quite amazing with the original key included!

 Then it was to Claranna's home where I fell hard for this old girl.  Please Judy buy this one so I can't!

This gal stole my heart.  The color with all the shiny chrome is just too hard for me to resist.  I'll be bringing her home in a couple of weeks.  Isn't she sassy!

As the case was opened I gasped...adorable!  My little ole heart skipped a beat.....sigh....you little doll baby.  No I can't bring you home with me.  Someone will love you and give you all the attention you so rightly deserve.

Judy and I both gave this gal lots of attention.  Her brown Godzilla finish was something neither of us had ever seen.  A lovely machine with very few flaws.  The case is a little worn but that is to be expected.

Each one of these machines has there own special qualities.  I'm always amazed with vintage machines and their character.  It makes me wonder what it was about this machine or any other that made it the must have machine to the person who purchased it originally. 

And then out came the Rocket.  Oh my goodness.  I've wanted a Rocket for a long time.  No I don't want to use it, I just want to look at it everyday.  I love the lines of the rocket.  It's kinda like the old car with tail fins, you just want to look at it and admire the shape.  The Rocket looks like she's going to take off at any minute....Vrooom...Vrooooom!  But I can't give her the love she needs to bring her back to her full potential.  She has some cosmsetic issues but nothing that can't be fixed by someone with more time than I.

We returned to the shop where Judy took another look at the White Treadle.  All she needs is a little cleaning.   I love the details on her. 

The decals are in pretty good shape.  A little cleaning would bright them up.  And the cabinet could use a quick once over of Old English Dark.  It really wouldn't take much to make her shine again.

My will power was broke when the toy machines came out.  I love them both but the Singer was singing my song.  "Country Roads.....Take me home....to the place.....I Belong!"  Yes my cute little friend you are coming home with me today!  I'm not even sure she works. I didn't test it, didn't care, I just want her in my possession because she is CUTE AS CAN BE!  Judy bought the other little cutie and we made plans to come back in a week or two to get our other machines.  Well I'm getting the pretty blue Morse.  I'm not sure which ones Judy decided to bring home.

What a fun day.  Some of these machines I've shown you are still available if your interested you can contact Claranna on Facebook just click here to be taken to her Facebook page where you can ask her what is still available.

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  1. the one you call "the Rocket" I have always known as "Red Eye" whats the difference it looks like my Red Eye. If I lived closer! I might be looking at these machines

  2. Oh, how fun to get to see all the vintage machines up close and personal. I would have had a hard time not bringing a couple of them home with me. It is interesting to see which ones "float your boat".

  3. So fun! My hubby saw a collection of toy machines in a quilt store in Wyoming and he's been on the hunt since then! So far we've gotten 3 really cute ones! (oh, he's an upholsterer, by the way, hence his interest in sewing machines! Never thought I'd marry a man who could sew better than I could!!) :-D

  4. Wow! Those are some gorgeous machines! I've never seen a Morse...and that one looks like a 57 Chevy! lol! I would bring that one home too! :-)

  5. I have an old rocket. It's missing the plate on the top ... can't use it without it. Anyone ever see one, I would be thrilled. OR if anyone wants to pay shipping, I will send it on with a few tears. I really want to use it though. /sigh What fun you must have had surrounded by all those old machines!!

  6. So in love... can you just hear the song in your head? Covet! Covet! Dream!


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